Weekly Awards

Congratulations to this fortnight’s award recipients
Prep Red Hudson Soppa, Banjo Tappenden, Olivia Zunker, Chloe Sonntag, William O’Connor, Zander McClure, Sonny Pohlman, Archer Anderson
Prep Blue Milla Albury, Murphy Carter, Jude Leckie, Arlo Otto, Liam Ale, Rory Hayhoe, Ivy Schofield, Leeland Kenneday
Year 1 Red Tui Hall, Olivia Suzgun, Zachary Zielke, Onyx Daley
Year 1 Blue Olivia Rogers, Archer Loeskow, Jacob Peardon, Landyn Smith
Year 2 Red Ashton Barrett, Kennedy Holmes, Evelyn Carpenter, Emilyn Lawley
Year 2 Blue Roman Marshall, Ella Ayton, Charlotte Devlin, Hughie Campbell, Zayden Bramham, Ruan Otto, Milla Cross
Year 3 Red Dimitry Penny, Cooper Beveridge, Bill Heading, Erin Steindl
Year 3 Blue Emmy Bion, Pippa Dempster, Tiffany Fyfe, Harrison Holmes, Adrian Lu, Alexandra Perez, Jonathan Connor, Mia Pearce
Year 4 Jonathan Wriede, Jackson Ottaway, Aleeyah Forman, Bodhi Harris
Year 4/5 Zaiden Thompson, Annabeth Lankowski, Scarlett Porter, Ryan Davidson
Year 5 Charlie Hill, Jackson Harm
Year 6 LJ Avery, Abbey-Rose Gaston
Music Jobe Leckie, Georgia Golchert, Emmy Bion, Darcy Angel

Weekly Awards are presented each week at Chapel & Assembly from 8.45am, SMS notifications are sent prior to this advising of your child’s upcoming award – everyone is welcome to attend.

Please come along and join us before Chapel & Assembly for Coffee & Connect from 8am.