St John’s Lutheran Community Kindergarten News

What a wonderful start to 2022 we have had.  We welcome all our new and existing families back to Kindy for what will be a great year of fun, learning, exploring and growing.

We have been developing our friendships with all of our new friends and educators, building relationships that will continue to form and grow throughout the year and that will continue to grow and flourish as the children transition to prep and their schooling years.

We have been offering a variety of experiences that assist us in developing our fine motor skills such as playdough, pegs and tweezers. These types of activities help to strengthen our small muscles and build the skills required to hold a pencil.  Without these skills the children will not have the ability to hold a pencil which will affect their ability to draw and write.

Construction is always a busy area in our room.  We have been offering a variety of building blocks including lego, mobile, gears, wooden blocks and stickle bricks.  These provide the opportunity for social interactions and encourage the development of sharing and turn taking as well as assisting in building on our fine motor skills.

Outdoor play is a great opportunity for the children to extend on their play in nature and develop their skills.  Bringing the inside experiences outside gives the children the opportunity to explore and develop their play.  Our Kindergarten Guinea Pigs are well cared for by our Kindy children and families.  They enjoy the scraps our families bring in from home as well as the food scraps we save them during the day.

If you are considering enrolling your child for 2023 please email the Kindergarten at

Nicole Turner