School News

Lots of Socks Day

On Friday 19 March, our school celebrated World Down Syndrome Day and held our own Lots of Socks Day to correspond with this year’s theme created by Down Syndrome International. It was wonderful to see so many students wearing all different colours and styles of socks.  As part of the day, we asked students to bring along a gold coin donation. An amazing $328 was raised on the day and was donated to Down Syndrome Queensland.

Congratulations Elloise Wooldridge

Congratulations to one of our Year 6 school leaders, Elloise Wooldridge, who was recently selected by the Bundaberg Regional Council to take part in the ANZAC Day Civic Service.

Our Year 6 students were given the opportunity to submit a reading of choice to be considered as part of the 2021 Bundaberg ANZAC Day Civic Service. The Council would then choose one primary school student and one high school student only to be a part of the service.

A huge congratulations to Elloise on being selected to share her reading and to represent our school.

Japanese Term One 

Minnasan Konnichiwa,

What an exciting first term of Japanese we have had. This term we have focussed on greetings by learning different formal and informal greetings and the different times of the day they should be used. We have also learnt how to ask and answer questions such as “what is your name?” and “how are you?”. Numbers have been another focus, both remembering the number names and recognising the kanji number symbols.

We have started looking at many different cultural aspects of Japan including bowing etiquette, New Years Celebrations, Girls/ Dolls Festival and learning about a variety of Japanese things. For Harmony Day the whole school helped make a poster for the wall outside the office. The older students have also started to learn to recognise and read some of the 46 symbols of the Hiragana alphabet.

In Japanese we have been singing songs, viewing video clips, reading charts and posters, playing games, working in small groups, role playing and doing craft activities. Learning a language is fun!

Linderberg sensei yori.

(Ms Linderberg)

Term 2 Start Date

Term 2 commences on Monday 19 April, 2021. We look forward to welcoming everyone back to school.