Healthy Harold and Life Education Visit

Healthy Harold and the Life Education Van will be visiting St John’s between Wednesday 23 – 25 June, 2021.

Life Education’s mission is to empower young people to make safe choices. Life Education provides the information, understanding, skills and strategies that young people require to make safe decisions about their own health and well being.

Yellow Day is our way of assisting the Life Education Program. Life Education has no Federal or State government assistance and therefore has to raise funds to keep this important program going.  We will help again this year by holding our annual Yellow Day on Thursday 24 June, 2021.

Your children will be able to come to school in free dress – but they must have majority yellow item of clothing. Students are asked to bring a gold coin donation and we will place these coins in a long line to see how long a neck we can make for Harold. Let’s hope for a very long neck this year!

Parents are asked that children: Do not wear singlet tops or midriff tops, open toe shoes, thongs or fancy shoes with heels.

Please wear shirts with sleeves, joggers – can be school or other and a wide-brimmed hat.

Please note: If students arrive in inappropriate dress, parents will be contacted to either provide suitable items or to take their child/ren home.  Remember come dressed in something yellow!