From the Principal

Think about what the first half of the year has been like for you.  How would you describe it?  Would you say, “It’s been busy!”  “It’s gone fast!”  “Can’t believe my child is half way through Prep already!”  “Can’t believe my child is nearly finished Primary School!  How would you sum up this year so far?  When we look at our lives and see the passage of time, we soon realize that our life is a journey and there are always changes afoot.  We see these changes happening not only in the world of technology but in the day to day happenings of our lives and the lives of our families and friends, plus all around the world.

So what can sustain us in this ever changing world? For the Christian, it is knowing that there is an unchanging God who walks with us through the changing scenes of life. Someone who is reliable and constant. Someone who is faithful and true. Someone who loves and cares for us and gives us a hope and a future.

 “Every good action and every perfect gift is from God. These good gifts come down from the Creator of the sun, moon, and stars, who does not change like their shifting shadows.”               James 1:17(NCV)

God is not only unchanging but He is also faithful; meaning He is reliable and can be trusted. He is loyal, constant and dependable. With a God like this who is for us, we can face change and the passage of time confidently, knowing that the God who is beside us is the God who goes before us.  “(God’s) compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.”  Lamentations 3:22


“Keep Praying!”  I have never seen a storm last forever. Seasons change but God remains faithful to His wonderful promises.”

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 Busy, busy, busy! 

I’m sure you’d agree that this semester has been tremendously busy! That said we have reached the end of Semester One – boy time flies. I wish to convey my thanks and congratulations to the students, staff and parents of our school for all that has been achieved. End-of-Semester Reports have been issued electronically and I encourage you to reflect upon your child’s successes and areas for growth and have meaningful conversations together about such.

Arrival time and supervision

Please be aware that students are to be on campus no later than to 8.30 am. We have noticed a number of children arriving late. Being late to school disrupts the routines and procedures the children need in order to settle in well to the day ahead.

Supervision for students (Years 1 to Year 6) is offered under the mango tree adjacent to the tuckshop. Children will be supervised until they are collected by their class teacher at 8.25am – 8.30am. The roll is marked at 8.35am sharp. Thank you for supporting us in regard to these important procedures.

Cyber Safety

I am appealing to our parents to monitor your children’s cyber activities. Recently we have had to deal with some inappropriate comments made of others via social media. The power of social media in connecting people is wonderful; however, it too, can bring harm to others. Your support in monitoring your child’s social media access is greatly appreciated.

School Officers’ Day

Wednesday 14 June marked School Officers’ Day which is a day set aside to recognise and celebrate how our school officers and services staff support quality education in our school. The day gives visibility and recognition to the critical role of school officers and services staff in the delivery quality education. I acknowledge the wonderful work of school officers in our school and thank them all on behalf of our community. As a small gesture of thanks every member of staff was ‘shouted’ a hot coffee from the mobile coffee barista.

Please join me in acknowledging our school officers.

End of Semester Reports/Semester Awards

As we inch towards the end of the semester, Reports have now been issued electronically. Please take the time to read carefully and consider areas of celebration, areas of reflection and areas of opportunity. Our teachers work very hard to construct information about each child’s growth and development. I encourage open communication between home and school – after all positive communication is key.

This Friday is our scheduled Semester Awards ceremony. This event commences at 1.30pm and is held in our Church. We celebrate those children who will be acknowledged at that ceremony. For those not acknowledged, I encourage to continue working hard to achieve academic growth and development during Semester 2.

Holiday Blessings

As this week is the final week of Term 2, Semester 1, I take this opportunity to wish you all holiday blessings. May our God of grace and peace shine sweetly upon you all and provide you safe passage. Thank you for your ongoing support of our learning and faith community.

Thank you for working in partnership with us.

Grace and Peace

Chris Mallett