From the Principal

The Google Car

How rapidly the world changes.

One of the things I often ponder is the rate at which the world is changing. The world that we know and enjoy today is not the one that our current students will graduate into in a decade or so. ‘Duh! Of course!’, I hear you say.

But it’s true isn’t it? I went through school in the 80’s and 90’s, finishing Year 12 in 1992. I can still remember one of my teachers standing in the doorway of our primary classroom smoking! I have vivid memories of teachers hitting kids with sticks across the knuckles and of the then ‘old-fashioned’ desks we had that still had holes for ink wells in them. My generation was still using classroom equipment that was designed for a very different era, my Mum and Dad’s era.

Anyway, my school days were different than my own children’s by a mile. My children have gone through school though in an interesting time of change. The old-fashioned computer lab is a thing of the past, a room full of massive boxes and huge monitors used to look and feel so modern, now it just looks like yesterday. LCD laptops are everywhere, kids are using touch screens and even cabling is now irrelevant with the ubiquitous use of Wi-Fi. I can’t remember the last time I actually plugged something into a network point. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, the cloud, smart watch – some people don’t even look at a phone for texts now, they look at their watch!

The shift is so fast, so sustained, so overwhelming. And it’s all in schools. If there is one institution that has to be at the very front of what is happening – it is schools. We are the ones responsible for emerging young people into this crazy world. Preparing them for life that we remember as their parents, would be like my teachers in the 80’s preparing me for a life of ink wells and slates. Unconscionable.

I have commented to parents before that their child may never need to actually get a license because we are already well on the way to self-driving cars, that the Google Car has done millions of kilometers already by itself.

In 2009 Google launched the self-driving car project. By 2015 it had done a million kilometers (well a few of them had collectively), now, just a few years later, that number has jumped exponentially to 5 million kilometers. The project is now called WAYMO and is an independent company whose sole aim is to get autonomous vehicles on our roads. They exist. They are being used. It’s amazing. 5 million kilometers completed! We have to be so careful that we do not cling onto our past. We have to be so careful as parents, as educators, as a community that we are right at the front of our understanding of this stuff and that we are preparing our kids for their future in this world.

Collaboration, communication, innovation, self-direction, synthesis. These, and more, are the soft skills that our kids need now and moving forward. The iPhone is over 10 years old. It changed the world. Anytime now the Google Car is going to hit us, it will change everything once again.

Thank goodness that some things don’t change though. Good schools still need good teachers. Children still need stable and supportive families with solid foundations. Our bodies need good food and appropriate rest. We all need people in our lives both to care for us and to care for. Little kids still need play-dough and plastic scissors. Out teachers and staff remain supportive in relationships with our children and parents and in doing so I offer a ‘pat on the back’ for all the things they do out of love for our kids.

And we all need to be loved by He whose name is Love.

Parent/Teacher Interviews

A number of parents have taken advantage of meeting with teachers for Parent/Teacher Interviews over the last couple of weeks. Thank you for your willingness to maintain open communication between home and school.

Uniform reminder for Term 2

Please note the following reminders regarding uniform requirements:

  • Earrings can only be gold or silver sleepers or studs.
  • All black school shoes worn with the uniform must be polished and in good condition
  • Hair style is to be neat and tidy and must be tied up with a navy blue/red/white hair tie/band once it touches the collar and pinned off the face at all times.
  • Nail polish is not to be worn to school.

Thank you

I would like to pay tribute to the wonderful ‘collective’ group of students, parents and staff that we have at our school. It is the fabulous support which allows for an environment for our children to come to school each day with a feeling of happiness, contentment, safety and friendship. It is our people, our community – you people, this community, who provide for our children those exciting learning experiences and educational activities that inspire and enthuse.

Happy Easter

Here we are at the end of the term already and its Easter time. In our busy world, Easter has become a great holiday break for many. Those who believe in the One Saviour, Jesus Christ, they are the Ones who receive eternal life. This is because Jesus is the One who paid the price for sin and promised eternal life – not because people have lived a good life but because they trust in what Jesus has done for them. He has saved human beings because of His amazing love. This gives HOPE for the future. The fact that our sins are forgiven and dealt with, and that Jesus rose from the dead demonstrates that Jesus is stronger than sin and stronger than dying. He has won. So, this Easter pause to remember what Easter is really about and praise God that He wants you to be part of His forever family. Take some time to make room and celebrate what Jesus has done!  I’d like to wish everyone a blessed Easter. The verse, to the right says it all!

Jesus is the reason for the season.

Thank you for working in partnership with us.

Grace and Peace

Chris Mallett