From the Principal

Welcome back to the school year. It has been wonderful to see so many happy smiling faces in and around the school over the past couple of weeks as our students dive deeper into the 2023 academic year. What I love about the new year at St John’s is not just catching up with familiar faces but also getting to know the new people in our community. We have continued to welcome lots of new families at this year. I trust your family enjoyed some quality time together over the festive season. Particularly, we welcome the many new students and families to St John’s. We are really looking forward to 2023 being another terrific year.


Our 6 Rs

Again, this year we will be working with our students about our 6 Rs expectation – Respect, Responsibility, Resilience, Rigour, Random-Acts-of-Kindness and Relationships. I have visited every class and again reminded our students of the importance of these values in our school. I’m confident that our students will continue to work to demonstrate these qualities every day.


Photos of students/other children/social media

I respectfully remind parents and friends in our community to be social media aware and conscious. As a school we often post information to our school Facebook page. We go to great lengths to cross-check whether or not each child is allowed to be photographed and subsequently published. Can I please commend to all, that you only take photographs of your own child/ren and not other children (unless you have direct permission from that child’s parents). Please do not photograph any child other than your own. I encourage parents to remain vigilant regarding the posting of photos of their own children to social media. Recent media reports have identified the dangers of such and the ease with which innocent photos can end up in the hands of the ‘wrong’ sort of person.


I make this appeal owing to the fact that we are working very hard to keep our children safe from potential online dangers.


School Start and Finish Times (8.30 am – 3.00 pm)

As has been the case for many years, it is an expectation that children arrive at school by 8.25am at which time teachers collect and take children to class in readiness for roll marking. It is vitally important that children arrive at school on time, please. Every minute of learning/classroom organisation is important for each learner. Your assistance in helping us by having your child at school by 8.25 am will be most graciously appreciated. To that end, school commences at 8.30 am sharp, each day. Should your child arrive at school late, then they should present for a late pass, at the office.


Parent Information Evening (Years 1 – 6)

Thanks you to those parents who were able to attend our Parent Information Evening (Years 1-6) on Tuesday 31 January 2023. Please contact your child’s teacher should you require any information from the evening.


Assembly and Chapel

Our Assembly and Chapel remains to be held each Friday morning at 8:45am. For new families, these are held in the Church once a week for all students.


Some Tips for a Successful start to the School Year

Help your child get organized: Instead of doing everything for your child, encourage them to be active in the organisation process. Let your child experience the ease of being able to find things, the joy of being on time, and the sense of control that organisation will bring.


Plan ahead so mornings go smoothly. There is an old saying, ‘well begun is half done,’ and it certainly is true about getting off to school. Start your planning the night before by making sure your child gets enough rest. A slightly-earlier bedtime may make a big difference to your child’s ability to function in the morning. Have your child lay out clothes before bed and put everything else needed for school in the backpack. It is a good idea to have your child put the backpack right on top of his/her shoes, so he/she can’t leave the house without it.


Help your child keep up with work: Share a tip from time-management experts; break tasks into manageable parts and do one at a time until the job is finished.


Get a handle on homework. Provide a place for your child to do homework, and make sure your child has the necessary supplies. Keep things like pencils, paper, ruler and coloured makers all together in a pencil box or shoe box to save time looking around when doing homework. Set a time to do homework. Some families like to do homework right after school, while others prefer doing it after dinner. Whatever you decide, find one that works for everyone, then stick to it as often as possible. Don’t forget to read!


Keep track of important notes from school. Here’s an easy way; the minute your child gets home, stick the note on the refrigerator or magnetic bulletin board. It won’t get lost in a pile of papers, and it won’t succumb to the “out-of-sight, out-of-mind” syndrome either.


Try some offbeat ways to entice your child to read. Use a current film as a starting point to encourage your child to dip into the book it is based on. Or help your child to write a letter to the author of a favorite book. (Send it to the publisher – most authors are good about replying to letters from children.) Do all you can to foster your child’s love of reading.


Take a critical look at your child’s activities. Be careful that TV/ICT does not take up lots of time – especially during the week. Ensure that there is a balance of inside and outside activity.


Remember the power of praise. Let it work its magic to motivate your child. Displaying a child’s best work is a form of praise. Add a special touch to an especially good paper by having it laminated. (You can do it yourself with clear contact paper.)


Celebrate your child’s successes, no matter how small. Learning is not always easy for children, and sometimes their progress may be measured in very small steps. When your child does master a new skill, rejoice together.


Uniform, Grooming and Workbook Standards

Parents are reminded of the need to ensure that grooming and the wearing of uniforms are in line with the school expectations.


Particularly, we would draw your attention to the following areas:

  • Boys’ and Girls’ hair is to be kept clean, neat and tidy, off the face; of natural appearance, not dyed, tinted or bleached.
  • Black leather shoes should be plain, conventional and well-maintained
  • Students may not wear any makeup at any time
  • Girls may wear plain gold or silver studs or sleepers only


Our students have a responsibility to uphold the ethos of the school, and to show pride in their school by wearing the uniform correctly – both at the school and when in the community. Your support in this regard is greatly appreciated.


P&F Welcome BBQ

We are looking forward to hosting parents and children at our P&F Welcome BBQ this Friday commencing at 5.30 pm and concluding at 7.30 pm. We will have a movie in the Multi-Purpose Hall for our children to watch. Thank you to families who have replied to the community invitation.

In the event of inclement weather, parents will be notified via SMS.


Blessings to all for the week ahead.


Grace and Peace


Chris Mallett