From the Principal

How fortunate we are

Let us never underestimate the value of positive attitude and belief in ourselves and each other. Our world is truly great – even though we are often bombarded with portrayals of violence and despair. Dennis the Menace (of all people) once said, “People wait for opportunity to come along…yet it is there every morning.” Each morning that we come to St John’s Lutheran Primary School we can be thankful that we do indeed come to a terrific school where people matter.

Last Tuesday was so much fun. It was a brilliant to welcome parents back on campus for a major event, the weather was perfect, there was real coffee, and the photos reveal just two expressions reflected on students’ faces: joy and concentration. It was indeed a good day and I probably need to apologise for sending home exhausted children (and staff) at the end of the day!

We have hit the ground running in so many ways this term. In addition to Cross Country, we’ve had our ANZAC commemoration, the installation of our SSRC representatives – just to name a few! We have a busy, busy school, and this is just as it should be.

ANZAC DAY – Poetry Recital

Congratulations to Elloise Wooldridge (Year 6 Leader) for writing and subsequently being chosen to recite her ANZAC Day poem at the Bundaberg Civic Service on Sunday 25 April. Please see her poem, below. Well done, Elloise! To that end, I deeply thank all parents, staff and students who came to represent our school community at the march. Thank you for honouring the men and women who fought for our freedoms.

World War 1 started, July 28th 1914,

Countries and countries allied as teams.

On ANZAC Day, we commemorate the people

who risked their lives for us,

So lets just sit down and think about that,

and not make a fuss.

Imagine, guns, bombs, fighting, for four years straight,

Four years without your friends, family, and, soul mate!

Imagine waking up everyday, spending every minute worrying,

that you were going to die,

Then facing that fear out in the battlefield,

feeling like you want to cry.

Imagine having to live like that without

any of your simple, everyday life things,

No devices, no nice cold water, no good

food to eat, no chicken wings!

So, lets just take a few moments to thank those guys,

As we commemorate them by watching the sunrise.

(Written by Elloise Wooldridge)


Well done to all of the students who represented our school at various events!


In 2008, the National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) commenced in Australian schools. Every year, all students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 are assessed on the same days using national tests in Reading, Writing, Language Conventions (spelling, grammar and punctuation) and Numeracy (calculator and non-calculator).

In 2021, these tests will take place on the 11, 12 and 13 of May. The results from the assessment program will then be used for individual student reporting to parents, school reporting to the community, and aggregate reporting by States and Territories against national standards.

Whilst the data from NAPLAN is used at a school level, it is important to note that we use this data in conjunction with many other data sets in order to develop a full and true picture of each child’s academic undertakings. Therefore, please note that each child’s current and future success, in not dependent upon the sole outcome of 3 days of NAPLAN.

Parent Communication and Information – The Essential Ingredient in a St John’s Education

St John’s encourages an environment that allows parents to feel included, valued, fully informed and knowledgeable about the school and the progress of their children. As such I encourage you to continue to speak with your child’s teachers about their academic and social development. We are committed to shaping your children’s hearts and minds

Bystanders vs Upstanders

Jesus was not a bystander. The gospels are full of stories where he stood up and said what needed to be said or did what needed to be done. As a result, he was not popular with the Jewish authorities. We don’t want our students to be bystanders either. We want a school full of upstanders. Upstanders are children who do something that prevents or reduces wrong they see. It takes courage to be an upstander, but one thing we can be sure of is that Jesus knows what it takes, and God is with every child and every adult who stands up and speaks out against wrong and any form of injustice. Thank you, God for walking the walk and giving us the courage to be upstanders in our own lives and context.

Do Not Disturb

Do you ever feel like putting up a “Do not disturb” sign – especially when the demands of life become too great?  When it seems as if everyone wants a piece of us and we feel we can’t meet all the demands and expectations that are placed on us. Sometimes we just long to have some quiet time and space from these continual demands.

God doesn’t put up a “Do not disturb” sign. In fact He does quite the opposite. He invites us to come to Him. His open invitation says: “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” (Matthew 11:28). His door is always open. He is always ready and waiting for us to come to Him with our needs.  He is willing to listen to our hurts and to forgive and comfort us when we are in trouble.

In Christ Jesus, God has come to us, lived among us and experienced the things we face.  He is the One who enables us to be available for others.  Think about the ways you put up “Do not disturb” signs in your life! And ask God to remove them, and help you reach out with the love of Christ to others just as God reaches out to us.

Thank you for working in partnership with us.

Grace and Peace

Chris Mallett