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Bishop Mark Vainikka invited students from all Lutheran Schools to assist with a Christmas Card Design to be sent to all the congregations, aged care facilities and schools of the Queensland District. This opportunity was well received from the students at St John’s Lutheran Primary School Bundaberg, with over 95 entries. Best wishes to all those who entered. We may just see one of our student designs on the front cover of the LCAQD Christmas Card for 2023. 




This year St John’s SSRC have partnered with The Salvation Army’s Hamper Appeal in lead up to the Christmas period. We please ask that you consider donating non-perishable goods during Term 4 as part of this appeal. Further information will be sent out in Week 1 of Term 4. 




These are two very tangible and outward signs of showing and giving love to others: gifts and acts of service. These very practical and effective ways of showing love help people to figure out how to connect with each other. 

Do you have a child or family member earning a treat or having their favourite food made for them? This person’s love language might be strong in gifts. What about a person who likes it when people helps with chores or school projects, this person’s love language might be strong in acts of service. 

There are many opportunities for everyone to give and receive gifts and acts of service.  We use them to thank those who have made contributions to our lives. These two love languages can be very visible but they don’t need to be big or expensive. There are some wonderfully simple ideas to encourage and connect with others through the means of giving gifts and acts of service. Acts of service can also be quite simple and meaningful: teaching them how to serve others by being involved in baking biscuits or making a meal. For children, knowing you’ll partner with them, can make a big connection difference! We know that when we meet our child’s need for love, we are helping to fill their love tank. God bless you as you grow, encourage and explore the different ways to connect with those in your family. 


Extracted from ‘The love language of gifts and acts of service’ – GROW MINISTRIES LCA CHILD YOUTH AND FAMILY MINISTRIES 


Wishing our families, a wonderfully safe, blessed, restful and replenishing spring holiday over the two-week school break. We look forward to our final term for the school year.