Curriculum Connections

NAPLAN Year 3 and Year 5

NAPLAN testing for our Year 3 and Year 5 students begins Wednesday 15 March with the Writing Test. Remaining tests will be conducted on Thursday and Friday. Please ensure students are at school on time and have had a decent breakfast, prior to testing. iPads must come to school fully charged, as is normal practice.

Year 3 and Year 5 students will not attend chapel and assembly this week. Awards will be held over until the following Friday assembly for these classes.

Parent Teacher Interviews

Please ensure you have read the recent email sent regarding parent teacher interviews for Term 1. Interviews are generally 15 minutes in duration and are booked through our school Parent Lounge. These interviews are not compulsory and may be booked at teacher or parent request. Our teaching staff look forward to meeting with you and continuing to build solid relationships between home and school.

Allied Health Appointments

If your child visits or is having an initial appointment with an Allied Health specialist, please advise us a week or more prior to the appointment. This allows us to compile a letter for you to take to the appointment (or us to send this information ahead of time with your permission) for the practitioner. These practitioners may include, Paediatrician, Speech and Language Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Play Therapist, Psychologist etc.  Often, the information provided from home and school allow the therapist a ‘fuller’ picture in order to provide the most appropriate supports for your child.

Mon Repos Camp

Last Thursday the Year 4 cohort travelled to Mon Repos for their overnight camping event. This was the second time this term the students have visited Mon Repos, the first being the day trip in February where the students were very fortunate to see a nesting Loggerhead Turtle.

This camp and the day trip prior, coincided with the student’s science and inquiry units of work which focused on the curriculum content of adaptations, life cycles, sustainability and Indigenous Australian’s histories and cultures. The overnight camp challenged students by incorporating changes in routine, teamwork and team building, as well as resilience in their own adaptation to the camping environment.

Students were fortunate to see two turtle clutches hatch during the night-time Mon Repos turtle tour, a morning guided tour by the local Indigenous Gidarjil corporation, scientific investigation of the local flora and fauna, a refreshing ocean swim and plenty of yummy food to keep up energy.

The staff in Year 4 would like to again thank families, parent helpers, staff and the St John’s community for all their assistance, in which without, the camp would not have been the success that it was. An amazing opportunity for students to not only develop knowledge and experience for strengthening curriculum content but also an adventure that students will hold in memories for years to come.

Mr Barker