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Why Children want to hear you read to them.

Greetings parents and carers,

At St John’s Lutheran Primary School we value reading. We love to see our students visit the library and choose a good book to enjoy on their own, or find a quiet spot in class to read a book provided by their classroom teacher. Even though many of our children are able to read independently, there is still magic that happens when children have someone read aloud to them.

Do you have memories of either a parent, grandparent, aunt or teacher reading aloud your favourite book to you as a child? I still remember my grade 3 teacher, Mrs Earl, a vivacious, fun-loving teacher, reading aloud from one of Roald Dahl’s books every day. I remember many wonderful hours where the classroom carpet became our secret ride to so many amazing worlds; chocolate factories with chocolate rivers running through them, giant peaches with enlarged insects for friends, fox holes, a land filled with giants, and so much more. Once home before bed, my mother would bring out all her favourite chapter books and this time my cosy bed became my transport to secret islands, magic lands at the top of a tree, mysterious woods, Narnia, and Middle Earth.

Even in our current world of Youtube, Playstation and Netflix, children (no matter what age) still love the opportunity to hear someone read a good book., Here’s why this is so important:

Reading to a child fosters strong relationships.

Research shows that reading out-loud to your children regularly instils a sense of security in a child and makes them feel more connected to you as the reader. This time spent together cannot be overstated.

Reading to a child improves their imagination and creativity.

Children naturally have a capacity to be creative and use their imaginations. Reading to your child helps them to explore their imaginations, people, places, times and events beyond their experiences. Reading to children allows them to be more creative in their own writing, storytelling and thinking.

Reading to a child cultivates a life-long love for reading.

According to Jim Trelease, author of the best-seller “The Read-Aloud Handbook”, “Every time we read to a child, we’re sending a ‘pleasure’ message to a child’s brain”. This connection between reading and pleasure is crucial for developing, life-long readers. Children who have come to love hearing a book read aloud will be motivated to read on their own and find enjoyment in it. And when Children become life-long readers, the benefits of reading continue: expanded vocabulary, cognitive and language development, empathy for others, social and emotion development and so much more.

So, what are you waiting for? Dust off your childhood favourite book, turn off the games and the TV and begin reading to your child.

God bless,

Deborah Bosch

Director of Learning & Teaching



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