Curriculum Connections

Dear members of the St. John’s community, 

It was with great joy I accepted the offer extended to me for the position of “Director of Learning and Teaching” at St John’s Lutheran Primary School. My name is Debi Bosch, and I’m a South African immigrant. I moved to Bundaberg in April 2017, when my husband was invited to become the minister of the Bundaberg Uniting Church, where he continues to serve. I have three children, who completed their schooling here in Bundaberg and are now studying various degrees in Brisbane. 

I qualified as a Primary school teacher just as the new millennium started and have gone on to have many different educational roles. Some of these roles include teaching, lecturing, writing textbooks, developing courses for teacher training and running curriculum workshops for in service teachers. Most recently, I have been back in the classroom teaching grade 6 at a local Bundaberg school. 

As I step into my new role at St John’s Lutheran Primary School, I would like to acknowledge the incredible work that has been done in the curriculum development space by Mrs Jocelyn Bakker, who has led the way for St John’s teachers to implement the Australian Curriculum through a design thinking, inquiry-based approach, while encouraging students to “develop their God given talents so they can shape and enrich their world” (as is the aim of Lutheran Schools Australia). I would also like to acknowledge Mrs Natasha Higgins who, over just a few short months, did a mammoth amount of work in helping teachers rewrite their teaching units to align with the revised v9 Australian Curriculum.  

Over the last week, I have had the privilege of reading through the various planning documents created by our teachers to be used this year, and I am so looking forward to seeing their many wonderful ideas for engaging students in meaningful learning come to fruition. I am sure as parents and carers you will be amazed at all the learning opportunities your children will have in 2024! 

St John’s truly is a remarkable school, with passionate, caring staff and friendly, happy students. Thank you so much for welcoming me to St John’s! I am excited to serve the St John’s community and play my role, with God’s help, in shaping the heads, hearts and hands of our students. 

God bless, 

Debi Bosch