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NAPLAN has been finalised for our school. Thank you firstly to our students for their participation and/or support of their peers. Our school community was able to execute the NAPLAN online procedure and testing sessions seamlessly. It certainly was a team effort! I would like to acknowledge in particular, our Year 3 and Year 5 students, Mrs. Kadel, Mrs. van Rooyan, Mr. Bakker and Mr. Higgins for their involvement leading up to and during the implementation of NAPLAN. I would also like to thank Mrs. Anderson and Mrs. Carroll for support in covering classes and supervision of students. It takes a village, and I am so thankful for our St John’s village.

The NEW Australian Curriculum v9.0

You may be aware that the Education Ministers on Friday, 1st April 2022, endorsed Version 9.0 of the Prep – Year 10 Australian Curriculum.

The new Australian Curriculum website, hosting the updated and approved Australian Curriculum, Version 9.0, has been launched at As a staff we have looked at some changes that are evident with the new curriculum and will continue work towards a planned and purposeful transition for our school community.

The rollout of this curriculum for schools is still to be advised in Queensland and we will communicate this as the time arises. For now, our Learning and Teaching staff will keep doing what we do best – educating our young people.


 Reading can take kids on incredible journeys of discovery, awakens their imagination, and builds their confidence. It is never too early or too late to help them find inspiration and motivation to pick up a book.

The MS Readathon has been inspiring kids to read more for 44 years, and this August, it will be more fun than ever before. We have authors and ambassadors who can share their stories, incentives, and prizes to motivate kids. Register your interest today.

If that is not enough, all the money raised will help support the thousands of families living with MS in Australia. We have stories to share about the people we care for that will warm your heart. Watch Karla read the beautiful letter she has written about her mum, who lives with MS.

To make it fun and keep kids interested, we will be offering children who register a FREE T-shirt. By wearing their t-shirt, they will help raise awareness and be proud that they are helping others.

We have competitions to win prizes, last year we gave away holiday vouchers for Big 4 holiday parks. We developed activity sheets, colouring sheets, forms, and bookmarks to get even the most reluctant readers involved.

To make it easy for parents, we have created emails and social posts so you can let friends and family know how they can support your little readers through sponsorship and words of encouragement.

Check out the resources they include fundraising resources and tips, activity sheets, sponsorship forms, social posts, posters and a reading tally.

Whilst you will need to register from home, please let me know once you do. If you would like some help finding books to read, please see Mrs. Anderson in the library.

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Grace and Peace

Jocelyn Bakker