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Term One Japanese

Every class from Prep to Year 6 attends a Japanese lesson each week. Learning a language involves listening, speaking, reading, writing and viewing.

The Prep classes have been learning about Japan and Japanese things and have learnt about greetings and bowing.

Year One have been learning to introduce themselves and about family member words.

Year Two have been comparing Australian and Japanese schooling. They have practised asking and answering “whose is this?”.

Year Three and Four have been investigating Japanese homes and labelling and describing traditional and modern rooms and features.

Year Five and Six have compared the two counties of Australia and Japan including population, languages and geography. They have been learning sentence structure and how to describe favourite places and things they do there.

I am so impressed with the students’ interest, enthusiasm and eagerness to learn. Learning a different language and learning about another culture has so many benefits both for them now and into the future.

Linderberg Sensei

Japanese Teacher

Term One Classroom Music

What a privilege it is to teach the students the music each week. Together we sing, move, play instruments, compose and perform. The benefits of learning music both socially, physically and academically are well documented and I see every day the joy that it also brings to their lives.

This term the Preps have been learning about beat, fast and slow, loud and soft and high and low.

Year One are learning rhythm patterns and investigating pitch.

Year Two have learnt new notes and extended their skills with playing rhythm patterns.

Year Three have investigated and can identify beat groupings in threes and fours and have been composing their own rhythm patterns.

Year Four have looked at four different feels of music – funk, calypso, hoedown and boogie woogie. They have collaborated in groups to create and perform in these styles.

Year Five has focussed more in-depth on the Reggae and Celtic music genres. They have also been developing their music theory on reading music.

Mrs Mac our instrumental tutor has been working with myself and Year Six on learning to play the ukulele. In just a short time they can sing and play a few well-known songs.

I am looking forward to Term Two and seeing the students further develop their musical skills and appreciation.

Ms Jenny Linderberg

Classroom Music Teacher

St John’s Interhouse Cross Country – 22 April 2022

Our annual St John’s Cross Country will be held Friday 22 April at Flint Street Oval. Students in all classes, Prep to Year 6, will participate in events on this day. Children aged 5 to 8 years will participate in a fun event to allow them to support their respective houses and enjoy participating with their friends. On completion of the 5 to 8 years races the students participating in the 9 to 12 years events will prepare for their races.

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Two Weeks at a Glance featured image

Two Weeks at a Glance

Date Activity Venue Details Fri 1 April Hot Cross Buns School Generously supplied by the P&F, more information to come Fri 1 April Chapel and …


Two Weeks at a Glance

Date Activity Venue Details
Fri 1 April Hot Cross Buns School Generously supplied by the P&F, more information to come
Fri 1 April Chapel and Assembly Service St John’s Church 8:45am start,

all families and friends welcome

Fri 1 April Last Day of Term 1   Wishing everyone a blessed Easter break
Mon 18 April Easter Monday   School Closed
Tues 19 Apr Term 2 Commences, school resumes School Welcome Back!
Wed 20 Apr NAPLAN Practise Test School Newsletter – Curriculum Connections
Wed 20 Apr ‘Help Mia Work Wonders’ Day School Free Dress Day – Gold Coin Donation

More information to come

Fri 22 Apr Interhouse Cross Country

Prep – Year 6

Flint St Oval Program details to come
Mon 25 April ANZAC DAY   Public Holiday – School Closed
Mon 25 April ANZAC DAY Services   Separate letter to come
Mon 2 May Labour Day   Public Holiday – School Closed
Tue 10 – Thur 12 May NAPLAN – Year 3 and 5 School Newsletter – Curriculum Connections


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Student Awards

Student Awards Congratulations to this fortnight’s award recipients Prep Red Ava Wright, Zachary Zielke, Stella Kuhn, Eve Welch Prep Blue Johannes Martin, Flynn Mutton, Isla …


Student Awards

Student Awards

Congratulations to this fortnight’s award recipients
Prep Red Ava Wright, Zachary Zielke, Stella Kuhn, Eve Welch
Prep Blue Johannes Martin, Flynn Mutton, Isla Quinn, Jessica Ghaly
Year 1 Red Zimira Steinhardt, Duke Nicholas, Brydee Hinschen, Harper Fulcher
Year 1 Blue Haven Roberts, Scarlett Eliott, Gabriel Clarke, Azaiah Clarke
Year 2 Red Madix Daley, Jobe Leckie, Samuel Chase, Poppy Burfield, George Carter
Year 2 Blue Maverick Robertson, Alexandra Perez, Mia Pearce, Adrian Lu, Godric Marshall, Ruby Moreny, Ellah Peardon
Year 3 Charlotte Hood, Grace Wilkins, James Hendrick, Utah Robertson
Year 3/4 Cooper Higgins, Maddison Bluff, Tallen Chapman, Lakirah Green
Year 4 Eli Mutton, Jackson Harm, William Chase, Harrison Costar
Year 5 Susan Naude, Piper Weier, LJ Avery, Tiffany Elliott
Year 6 Scarlett Dyer, Ruslan Ruzmatov, Olivia Mallett, Indianna Boardman
Music Harrison Caruana, Harry Uhlmann, Logan Quinn, Ella Park


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Community News

Gold Coast Knights Football The Gold Coast Knights Easter football clinic is happening again this year. The Clinic will be held over two days on …


Community News

Gold Coast Knights Football

The Gold Coast Knights Easter football clinic is happening again this year. The Clinic will be held over two days on the 5th & 6th of April at Shalom College. Each day we will be made up of two 3hr sessions.

Session 1 for U8-U10 from 9am to 12pm each day

Session 2 for U11-U13 from 12:30pm – 3:30pm.

Registration link –

Spinneroos Table Tennis

Spinneroos program in Term 2. Spinneroos is Table Tennis Australia’s introductory program for children aged between about 7 – 11 and runs for eight weeks.

Spinneroos Table Tennis

Wide Bay Kids Easter School Holiday Program

Easter School Holiday Workshops

Bundaberg Easter School Holiday Program


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Pastoral Care and Wellbeing

Pastoral Care is one of the most important facets in a school – supporting the personal development of our students and the emotional and social …


Pastoral Care and Wellbeing

Pastoral Care is one of the most important facets in a school – supporting the personal development of our students and the emotional and social welfare of each other. Not only is this role shared between students and school, but it is also a role viewed as equally important for all contributors; extending into our wider school community, including our parents, our staff, our church. As we draw to the end of Term 1, I encourage you to consider how you can support and contribute to the welfare of others. Whether it be a smile, a word of thanks, a note of gratitude, a message of love, or even your time, take a moment to acknowledge one another.

Be thankful, be kind, be gracious, be loving, give the gift of time.

The Love language of Quality Time

In their book The Five Love Languages of Children, Gary Chapman and Ross Campbell suggest that people; children and adults, express their love and receive expressions of love from others in five distinct ways: through words, gifts, service, time, and touch.

Quality time is a parent’s gift to a child, saying, ‘You are important. I like being with you.’ The most important factor in quality time is not so much what you do, but your focused attention.

Paul Tournier, often considered (one of) the twentieth century’s most famous Christian physicians, wrote;

‘To love is to give one’s time. We never give the impression that we care when we hurry’.

Spending time with our children and with our families will help them to feel loved, secure, and safe, and creates many memories that will last a lifetime.

There are many things you can do together. Here are some fun ways you can spend time and build your relationships with the ones who are dear to you:

  • Encourage your child to draw a picture for someone, then take a photo and send it to family or friends
  • Play family games together – you could try board games, 20 questions or charades. When was the last time you played hide and seek as a family? Go on!
  • Have a picnic in the garden or living room, or just lie on a rug outside together and watch the clouds
  • Start a chapter book and read one chapter each day. Or tell a story together – you can take turns to add the next instalment
  • Turn on some music and have an indoor singing, lip sync or dance party
  • Follow along to some YouTube exercise videos
  • Make and edit a short video together
  • Take a virtual tour of a gallery or historic place together
  • Go for a walk or bike ride together
  • Continue to establish one-on-one time with each child. This will deepen your relationship immensely and also provide an opportunity to share your faith.


As you know, we endeavoured to bring to you, with support from Queensland Police personnel, the ThinkUKnow Program to students in Years Prep – 6. ThinkUKnow Australia, is an evidence-based education program led by the Australian Federal Police (AFP), delivered nationally in partnership with state police and industry partners to promote general child safety and prevent online child exploitation.

Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, these sessions were postponed, along with our Parent and Community session. Details of the rescheduled events will be communicated early next term. In the meantime, if you are looking for more detailed information, please access the following website:

How can you nurture your FAITH at Easter?

Our friends at Grow Ministries suggest, there are four core things that can help positively shape our children’s faith, values, and character. These keys strengthen not only the life of individuals but also the communities where we live. They are;

  • Caring conversations and time (as mentioned above)
  • Devotions – relating to ‘God’
  • Family Service to one another
  • Rituals and Traditions (everyday things OR every year things)

Why not form a new Easter Tradition for your loved ones this year and attend an Easter Service such as the Good Friday Easter Service? Or on Easter Sunday morning, greet one another with the traditional Easter greeting ‘Christ is risen!’ and replying ‘He is risen indeed! Forming and repeating some of these practices, year after year, can give your children a wonderful store of memories, experiences that bond your family together and a framework for growing and understanding their faith.

Contact St John’ Lutheran Church Bundaberg for details of Easter Services on (07) 4152 5900 or at We wish you a safe and blessed Easter and give thanks to God for the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, His only son for the gift of salvation for us all.

Tamara Carroll


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Curriculum Connections

YOUTH PARLIAMENT This term our elected Year Six leaders have been learning about parliamentary etiquette and roles and working on speeches to present at the …


Curriculum Connections


This term our elected Year Six leaders have been learning about parliamentary etiquette and roles and working on speeches to present at the Bundaberg Youth Parliament. Our students were given the opportunity to either debate a motion on an issue, speak in an adjournment debate, or serve as the Youth Clerk. This was an added responsibility for our elected leaders, and all work was completed during lunchtimes and at home.  Last Thursday was the Bundaberg Region Youth Parliament event. Due to the dreaded COVID isolation, the majority of our leaders were not able to attend in person – those that were well enough at home where able to record their speech and have it electronically presented on the day. We were delighted to have Olivia and Indianna attend in person with Mrs Bester at the event and we heard they all did a fabulous job! Well done to all our elected leaders for your hard work and effort in preparation for the event!


Students in Year 3 and Year 5 will be involved in a practice test for NAPLAN on the first Wednesday morning of Term 2. This date is Wednesday 20 April. The practise test is designed to give students and staff a ‘feel’ for the actual test. The tests used for practise are not saved, nor are they marked. Please ensure your child is at school on time on this day and their ipad fully charged.

NAPLAN – YEAR 3 and YEAR 5 students

NAPLAN 2022 is scheduled for Year 3 and Year 5 students on Tuesday 10 May, Wednesday 11 May and Thursday 12 May. Please be vigilant in ensuring that you do not book appointments for your child on these days.

If you have questions around NAPLAN or are wishing to withdraw your child, please book an appointment at your earliest convenience to discuss this.


This term we have offered Parent Teacher Interviews for any parent wishing to discuss your child’s Term One progress. We understand that some of these interviews have been postponed due to illness – teacher or family. We will endeavour to have these caught up as soon as is practicable early next term. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we all navigate through this COVID period.

Thank you all for your support during Term 1 and I look forward to again working in partnership for your family in Term 2. Have a blessed, safe and healthy holiday period.

Jocelyn Bakker


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From the Principal

End of Term It is hard to fathom that we have reached the end of the term already and it is Easter time. In our …


From the Principal

End of Term

It is hard to fathom that we have reached the end of the term already and it is Easter time. In our busy world Easter has become a great holiday break for many.

The words of Christmas, however, echo into our Easter break with the words “No room”. Has Easter become a time where there is “no room” for what Easter is truly about? Have we become so focused on the here and now; the things we want to get or do, that we have no time left for the spiritual side of life?

There is more to life. In the middle of life, death is ever present. This comes home to us particularly when someone close to us dies – especially if it is suddenly.  At those times we start asking some of those BIG questions about life and what’s it all about. As we think on these things, we need to be clear – not everyone goes to heaven when they die; not every way leads there.  Those who believe in the One Saviour, Jesus Christ, they are the Ones who receive eternal life. This is because Jesus is the One who paid the price for sin and promised eternal life – not because people have lived a good life but because they trust in what Jesus has done for them. He has saved human beings because of His amazing love. This gives HOPE for the future. The fact that our sins are forgiven and dealt with, and that Jesus rose from the dead demonstrates that Jesus is stronger than sin and stronger than dying. He has won.

So this Easter pause to remember what Easter is really about and praise God that He wants you to be part of His forever family. Take some time to “make room” and celebrate what Jesus has done!  Easter blessings to you and your family!

Reflecting on the Past

This past week I have been reflecting on this exact time a few years ago which was quite difficult for my family and I as we watched closely life’s journey coming to an end for my grandmother. She passed away in the early morning at Gracehaven Lutheran Home – a place she called her little home for the over 16 years – at the ripe age of 94. One of the many things I admired about my grandmother was that she was a faithful servant her whole life. Reflecting on my grandmother’s passing, although a few years ago, got me to thinking about life – particularly as we have all traversed an unusual and different term – owing to much sickness and therefore the fragility of health, wellbeing and life in general.

I discovered this gem that I think is so apt.

Things God won’t ask on that day – please read carefully.

1….. God won’t ask what kind of car you drove. He’ll ask how many people you drove who didn’t have transportation.

2….. God won’t ask the square footage of your house, He’ll ask how many people you welcomed into your home.

3….. God won’t ask about the clothes you had in your closet, He’ll ask how many you helped to clothe.

4…. God won’t ask what your highest salary was. He’ll ask if you compromised your character to obtain it.

5….. God won’t ask what your job title was. He’ll ask if you performed your job to the best of your ability.

6….. God won’t ask how many friends you had. He’ll ask how many people to whom you were a friend.

7….. God won’t ask in what neighbourhood you lived, He’ll ask how you treated your neighbours.

8…. God won’t ask about the colour of your skin, He’ll ask about the content of your character.

9….. God won’t ask why it took you so long to seek Salvation. He’ll lovingly take you to your mansion in heaven, if you’ve asked Him into your heart.

10…. God won’t have to ask how many people you forwarded this to, He already knows your decision.

Achieving Your Personal Best

The idea of a Personal Best or ‘PB’ encourages students to meet and exceed their own best performance and standards. Athletes tend to judge their own performances by how close to their ‘PB’ it is. And, it can be a huge source of disappointment to fall below this in a major championship.

In a recent article I read regarding work/life balance, the following was noted:

Your ‘PB’ can be used as a tool to navigate your own performances and expectations. A ‘PB’ is an acknowledgment that an individual gave their best possible response based on the knowledge and capabilities they had in that moment. In our normal day-to-day life, some of the criteria we can use for assessing our own ‘PB’ is to ask ourselves some of the following questions:

  • Am I thinking clearly here?
  • What can I learn from the feelings I have in this situation?
  • Are these feelings an accurate representation of reality?
  • How can I solve this problem in the short-term?
  • What steps can I take to ensure it doesn’t happen again?
  • Have I done my best?

There’s a satisfaction and honour that comes with doing your ‘PB’ in any given situation. I commend to our students  and parents this notion. As you reflect on your learning and life journey this term, I ask you to commit to doing your ‘PB’ in Term 2.

Our Term 2 goal: Start Strong, Finish Strong, Together.

Parent/Teacher Interviews

A number of parents have taken advantage of meeting with teachers for Parent/Teacher interviews these past couple of weeks. Thank you for your willingness to maintain open communication between home and school.

Uniform reminder for Term 2

Please note the following reminders regarding uniform requirements:

  • Earrings can only be plain gold or silver sleepers or studs.
  • All leather black school shoes worn with the uniform must be polished and in good condition
  • Hair length must be tied above the collar and well-above the eyebrows. The style is to be neat and tidy. Hair must be tied up with a navy blue/red/white hair tie/band once it touches the collar and pinned off the face at all times.
  • Nail polish is not to be worn to school.

Thank you

I would like to pay tribute to the wonderful ‘collective’ group of students, parents and staff that we have at our school. It is the fabulous support which allows for an environment for our children to come to school each day. Of course children will be children. They will have squabbles, disagreements and disputes – that’s called life. However the key is finding common respect and understanding and often requires forgiveness and grace – a core teaching in our Lutheran school – in order to move forward positively. It is our people, our community – you people, this community, who provide for our children those exciting learning experiences and educational activities that inspire and enthuse.

Please join us for closing Chapel and Assembly service at 8.45am this Friday 1 April in our Church.

Happy Easter

I’d like to wish everyone a blessed Easter. The verse, to the right says it all! Jesus is the reason for the season.

Please note: Term 2 commences on Tuesday 19 April.

Grace and Peace

 Chris Mallett


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